Welcome to my WebSite

Web Design: Something that makes the World go Around! Atleast now in these days where the Web is in every home, I think it's not too wrong to say that. And naturally, it also makes my World go Around too.

I do Web Designing for fun, for a living, and just to pass my time. It's a nice way to express yourself, and also a nice way to see some creativity that is hidden inside one self.

I don't design very complex sites, unless someone really wants me too. I just use the bare basics. It's always better to do what is needed. nothing less, nothing more.

If you ever want a simple design for your website, you can always call on me. And if you want a complex site, make sure you have the time (to wait) and the resources (to pay).

I also design sites that require security for their data. For example, adult sites. They want full protection for their images so no one can steel them, copy them, or directly link to them. Yes, this is possible.

Database driven site are also nice to design, they can handle a lot of data, and are fast too. Database driven sites are good for online shops, or semi-real-time data extraction.

You can check out some of my design by clicking on the image links on the right. These are some of the designs that I used for my main site (walia.com).